Helmut Norpoth


Professor. Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1974.

Department of Political Science

Stony Brook University 
Stony Brook, N.Y. 11794-4392

(631) 632-7640 (office)
(631) 632-4116 (fax)


Stony Brook University

Course Offerings and Syllabi


POL317 American Election Campaigns

POL318 Voters and Elections

POL336 U.S. Foreign Policy


POL617 Electoral Behavior

Research and Recent Publications

"Fighting to Win: Wartime Morale in the American Public" with Andrew H. Sidman (2012)

"Yes, Prime Minister: The Key to Forecasting British Elections" with Matthew Lebo (2011)

"The New Deal Realignment in Real Time" with Andrew H. Sidman and Clara Suong

"History and Primary: The Obama Re-election" with Michael Bednarczuk

"Guns 'N Jobs: The FDR Legacy" with Alexa Bankert

Models and Forecasting

2012 Forecast (pdf document) 

Primary Model (Old 2008 Archive)

Primary Model (New Website)

Research Interests:

Electoral Behavior; Public Opinion; Wartime Elections; Economic Voting; Electoral Realignment (particularly New Deal); Electoral Forecasting